Spring / Summer 2020

Rattan headpieces, bunches of pearl  on bee imitated earrings - these are the couple of details from ultra feminine prairie girls dress outfits from the S/S 20 collection "Louisana".

This collection is about the madness of prairie, when in 1862 the US president Abraham Lincoln approved the homestead act, where single women and widows were allowed to own a land in far west - if they would stay there for at least 5 years.

Then there were women who came from their homes in Europe (Norway, Germany and so forth) bringing their possessions and wardrobe and started a new life in the big prairie. The changes evolved with the change like this caused women agrophoby and different sort of anxiety orders. Knowing that we can look those black ribbons in a whole hopeful new way.

The purpose of this collection is to find beauty. Although this inspiration started off from a very depressing era, it is about finding the beauty of ruffle dresses which aim for prettiness.

The collection is of about 30 dresses in bleached white dresses with covered knees. The asymmetrical proportions flow in colours of sky blue, prairie field daisy pink, grass green and the autumn field brown. Fabrics vary from designer's favourite jersey, lace to silk crepe. The aim is not to have so much of a new conception rather than to offer multi-functionality to combine skirts and blouses.

Autmn / Winter 2019 / 2020

Hologram silver highlighting back from the clear sky alongside with warm hugging wool coats were in mind when desigining the winter collection. Perfect for giving light to winter time with your outfit and keeping oneself warm.

Spring/Summer 2019

Our woman tells a story through each of the looks. She embraces our signature silhouettes, both fitted and then softer, clothes that are wearable but still have the ability to let us dream. There’s almost a cinematic mood, an elevation, a character embedded within a narrative. Our woman is proper but she is definitely not prim. Now you can feel a sense of her life through the clothes that she wears.

There’s lots of colour, lots of shades. The palette is strong, with jolts of orange and bright fuchsia alongside waxy colours, brown, dusty grey, pale beige. Texture abounds in different type of silks – matched and mismatched. Mules are flat and sleek, opened in the back, pointed from the toe. A ‘70’s archive-inspired colours of red and green feature both literally and in the abstract. And throughout, there is a celebration of the inherent femininity of dresses – ideas of their past, and proposals for the future.
There are touches of sensuality, pinches of the ‘70’s. Yet it is all brought together into something encapsulating what we call the modern feminine alphabet. It is a vocabulary of dressing for now.